Our Team

We are a team of young technology enthusiast from different fields working together to create cleaner and safer mobility daily Our mission is to accelerate Nigeria's transition to cleaner forms of energy for transport and home use.

Ikpeme James - Founder, CEO

He has over 10 years experience in the IT industry with interest in design, USSD solutions, App Development, Project Management and of recent Electric Vehicle Development. He was inspired by the likes of Tesla and decided to incorporate VoltaEV limited.

Peter Ayenoto - Co-Founder & President Operations

Peter Ayenoto is a strategist and business project and programme management expert. He is responsible for the execution of key projects and programmes, he will also oversee daily operations of the company.

Abubakar Isimbabi - Co-founder, President, network infrastructure and Security Analyst

Abubakar Isimbabi is an IT professional with over 10 years experience in IT Networking and IT security settings. Abu will be responsible for networking hardware, software and security of connected systems at Volta EV.

Sujay Bhudhar - Adviser Automotive Engineering

Sujay Bhudhar works as a CAE-Analyst at Tata Technologies Limited. 
He would be contributing his experience working with Jaguar and will help in making sure the mechanical systems of the car are of high quality standards.

Elizabeth Egunjobi - Legal Adviser

Elizabeth Egunjobi is a lawyer with a masters in energy and renewable energy law. Her expertise will be put to use in the Volta EV policy drafting and legal representations for the company.