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Solar roof charging

Do you know a quantum1 charges while in motion or parked thanks to the embedded photo-voltaic cells placed on the roof of the car

Upgrade-able Infotainment System.

The Quantum1 comes with VoltaEV's in-house built embedded OS. the Omnivolt which will feature all car controls, intuitive Navigational Aides/system with Google maps support and also as our software team works on new updates, every #Quantum1 owner will receive updates.

Carry-on Charging Pack - 120 Km range

Every Quantum1 will come with a detachable carry-on battery pack which can be removed and taken into your office to charge like your mobile phone. Every pack provides a quantum1 with additional 120km of range for normal and emergency uses.

Preorder your Quantum1 Today

Each Quantum1 will have a base range of 500km except for premium models that will have higher ranges. We expect to begin production in 2020, but to achieve this goal we require at-least 100,000 preoder interests. Please signup it's free, but be ready for test drives, the unveiling event and fulfilling when ready. Fill the form below to get started.

Preorder Request

Preorder Request

VoltaEV's Quantum 1 is Nigeria's first flagship ingenious electric vehicle.

Signify your interest by giving us your details, immediately our production models are ready we shall inform you