Volta EV Limited is a startup founded 2017 in Lagos on the premise of accelerating Nigeria’s automobile industry towards cleaner forms of sustainable transportation. We are a fully registered private company limited by shares with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with RC Number: 145548.

Despite the global call for active actions against the effects of climate change, 99% of vehicles driven in Nigeria are fossil fuel driven. Looking at the great strides made in the Electric Vehicle industries by various American, European and Asian companies, it is quite evident that the age of fossil vehicles is at it’s dusk. More so, Nigeria is the 146th nation to sign the Paris Climate Agreement.

To this effect, we have made it the core of our vision while fully understanding the various unique constraints we might face, to design and manufacture efficient and affordable Electric Vehicles primarily for the largest economy in Africa.

We believe Nigeria is ripe and ready for an energy responsible future even though the major need of most Nigerians is guaranteed 24hours powers supply, which seem to be lacking all across the nation. It is in our mission to bring innovative products to the market to alleviate and ultimately solve these issues.

Our Mission

Our mission is to accelerate Nigeria's transition from a fossil driven transportation and mobility to a cleaner and sustainable one. By designing and manufacturing affordable, durable and globally competitive electric cars primarily for the Nigerian and African market.

Our Vision

Nigerian imported $3.5 billion worth of vehicles in 2012, this numbers has increased exponentially over the last 7 years. Our vision is to target at least 5% of the brand new car market sales in the next 5 years.

Team Management Openings

If interested in any of the positions below, kindly send a cover letter and CV to careers@voltaev.co
The subject of your mail should be the title of the position you are applying for.

CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

The chief financial officer position is accountable for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the company, to include the development of a financial and operational strategy, metrics tied to that strategy, and the ongoing development and monitoring of control systems designed to preserve company assets and report accurate financial results.

Principal accountabilities are:

  • Assist in formulating the company's future direction and supporting tactical initiatives
  • Monitor and direct the implementation of strategic business plans
  • Develop financial and tax strategies
  • Manage the capital request and budgeting processes
  • Develop performance measures and monitoring systems that support the company's strategic direction

  • Participate in key decisions as a member of the executive management team
  • Maintain in-depth relations with all members of the management team
  • Manage the accounting, human resources, investor relations, legal, tax, and treasury departments
  • Oversee the financial operations of subsidiary companies and foreign operations
  • Manage any third parties to which accounting or finance functions have been outsourced
  • Oversee the company's transaction processing systems
  • Implement operational best practices
  • Oversee employee benefit plans, with particular emphasis on maximizing a cost-effective benefits package
  • Supervise acquisition due diligence and negotiate acquisitions

Financial Information:
  • Oversee the issuance of financial information
  • Personally review and approve all filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission (if the company is publicly held)
  • Report financial results to the board of directors

Risk Management:
  • Understand and mitigate key elements of the company's risk profile
  • Monitor all open legal issues involving the company, and legal issues affecting the industry
  • Construct and monitor reliable control systems
  • Maintain appropriate insurance coverage
  • Ensure that the company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Ensure that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors and government agencies
  • Report risk issues to the audit committee of the board of directors
  • Maintain relations with external auditors and investigate their findings and recommendations

  • Monitor cash balances and cash forecasts
  • Arrange for debt financing and equity financing
  • Invest funds
  • Invest pension funds

Third Parties:
  • Participate in conference calls with the investment community
  • Maintain banking relationships
  • Represent the company with investment bankers and investors

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

We are looking for a passionate Chief Marketing Officer to join our executive team. You will report directly to the COO and lead our superb in-house marketing team. Your duties will include managing all marketing operations, assessing and improving existing initiatives, and devising new strategies to increase revenue. To be successful in this role, you will be able to tailor marketing strategies to complement the organization’s objectives. You will have excellent leadership and communication skills to successfully provide guidance to your team, and you will have a vast knowledge of current marketing trends.


  • Planning, implementing and overseeing all marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Liaising with sales and public relations teams to align objectives
  • Growing and developing the in-house marketing team
  • Building a network of reliable external agencies and marketing professionals
  • Conducting market research and staying abreast of competitor positioning
  • Contributing to new business development initiatives
  • Budget management

CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer)

he chief human resource officer (CHRO) is responsible for developing and executing human resource strategy in support of the overall business plan and strategic direction of the organization, specifically in the areas of succession planning, talent management, change management, organizational and performance management, training and development, and compensation. The CHRO provides strategic leadership by articulating HR needs and plans to the executive management team, shareholders and the board of directors.

Essential Functions:
Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.

  • Establish and implement HR efforts that effectively communicate and support the firm's mission and strategic vision
  • Develop HR plans and strategies to support the achievement of the overall business operations objectives
  • Function as a strategic business advisor to the executive/senior management of each business unit or specialty group regarding key organizational and management issues
  • Work with the firm's executive management to establish a sound plan of management succession that corresponds to the strategy and objectives of the firm
  • Develop comprehensive strategic recruiting and retention plans to meet the human capital needs of strategic goals
  • Develop and implement comprehensive compensation and benefits plans that are competitive and cost-effective for the firm
  • Provide overall leadership and guidance to the HR function by overseeing talent acquisition, career development, succession planning, retention, training, leadership development, compensation and benefits globally

  • Business Acumen
  • Ethical Practice
  • Relationship Management
  • Leadership & Navigation
  • HR Expertise
  • Global & Cultural Awareness
  • Critical Evaluation
  • Consultation
  • Communication

Supervisory Responsibility:
This position is directly responsible for leading managers of the division and indirectly responsible for all employees within the division.