Quantum 1

Our pilot product the Quantum 1 is a city saloon EV with excellent performance characteristics that combines latest trends in automotive design and technology with keen attention to local contents. Our target market for this product is a cross-section of middle class and high class individuals living in major cities in Nigeria.


  • 0 to 60MPH in 4.5sec
  • Range - 500KM on a single charge
  • Charge Rate - 0% to 100% in < 3hour
  • 4hours Detachable Carry-on Backup Battery Pack

Moving forward

Develop 3D concepts of the vehicle.
Get automotive license from the NACC.
Set technical partnerships in America, Europe and Asia to build the vehicle.
Build concept vehicles with 3 class models.
Unveil the prototype to target markets in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt.
Start Market testing.
Start receiving pre-orders.

Our product offerings will be introduced first in Lagos while expansion to other cities in Nigeria will follow. The vital lifeline for electric cars in any country is the availability of portable charging stations in far and close proximity which is currently lacking in Nigeria. Nigeria has virtually almost all car brands of fossil vehicles available without a noticeable trace of electric cars. Quiet a number of the Auto manufacturers present in Nigeria already have electric vehicles available in some part of the world but have not brought same variants to Nigeria/Africa because of the seeming power problems. Our offer includes personal energy storage systems for homes and easy payment plans for EV purchases.

station image

VoltaEV Charging Station

charging unit image

VoltaEV Charging Units

station image

VoltaEV - Partner Charging Station

We intend to start with 15 stations in year 1 and grow to over 400 stations in 4 year with an average CAPEX of 200 million naira yearly and forecasted revenue of over 2 billion naira by the end of forth (4th) year.